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My journey began with GOD, my BOOK, and a bunch of WOMEN & GIRLS wanting to GROW!! 

I have been blessed to speak throughout the United States for women & girls events. 

I give 150% when standing before a crowd of 1800 or class of 25. 

I'm seriously passionate about teaching to glorify God and lifting the spirits of women & girls to catapult them toward transformation.

 I share my own struggles and remedies that have helped me. 

I Utilize the foundation of the Bible and make it applicable to everyday living.  

I enjoy

mingling with attendees & getting

to know them prior to my presentation.

 I love people!

 I love connecting and getting to know people! It is my utmost prayer, plan, and purpose to create an environment of camaraderie, connectivity, and humility. 

 My prayer, prior to, and during is for GOD to always give me the words to speak to engage the hearts of every participant.

God continues to fill me with so much of His magnificent and powerful word! 

 Should females come with their glasses half full, or their cups completely empty, with God's help, I take responsibility in filling their cups to capacity!

God has blessed me with the greatest of gifts and the greatest of responsibilities. Words are powerful and I take each of them very seriously.

To book Travena please go to the Contact Travena page for further details.

Travena presents too:  

  • Women & Girls Seminars
  • Ladies Days & Workshops
  • National Ladies Lectureships
  • Girl's Symposiums, Retreats & workshops
  • Retreats, Camps, VBS Classes, Youth Events 
  • Back to school & End of school year assemblies
  • Writing and or Journalism classes (High School & College)
  • Leadership school clubs and organizations
  • Summer programs
  • Parenting and Mentoring conferences
  • Mother & Daughter Teas/Luncheons
  • Ladies' Conferences, Luncheons & Seminars 
  • Teen, Young Adult, & Single Ladies'  Conferences, Retreats, Seminars
  • I'm happy to conduct a book signing and reading at your next event

A Few of Travena's past speaking events:

  • Book signing -- Philadelphia, PA
  • Women & Girls Symposium --Dallas, TX
  • Women & Girls Legacy Conference Retreat--Seattle, WA
  • Ladies & Girls Seminar -- Dayton, OH
  • Ladies' Seminar --Centerville, TN
  • Ladies & Girls Day --Louisville, KY
  • Ladies & Girls Seminars & Youth Conferences --Nashville, TN
  • Ladies' Inspiration Day --Waukegan, IL
  • High School Writing/Journalism Class --Hendersonville, TN
  • Read America (Westside Elementary) Springfield, TN
  • Summer Ladies Bible Class Series -- Mt. Juliet, TN
  • Ladies & Girls Day, Baltimore, MD
  • Ladies Seminar, New Orleans, LA
  • Ladies & Girls Day, Cottontown, TN
  • Ladies Day, Lafayette, TN
  • National Ladies Lectureship (Speaker & Tweens/Teen Speaker) Louisville, KY

and many others


Travena's Speaking 

Schedule is presently being offered Virtually (due to Covid protocols)

and with some live events

THANK YOU for your continued support and  for allowing me to speak throughout the United States.  It has been & is my spiritual joy!!!!



Lovely Ladies & Girl's Sharing Lovely Words...

I love this Lady and She loves the Lord! 

My girls were blessed in being in her class.  They were so excited to tell me what they had learned.  I don't know exactly what she said or how she said it, but she got their attention!

N. Davis, WA

Lovely Ladies & Girl's Sharing Lovely Words...

God is using this woman of God, for the good of all women & girls.  Travena has inspired and shoved me...I'm awake!

I love her book "Traveling Toward Transformation"

M. Brown, AR

Lovely Ladies & Girl's Sharing Lovely Words...

When I felt that no one cared for or about me, Travena was there.  She showed up to support me at school functions, let me stay with her, encouraged me to get good grades and make something of myself.  She even met with my guidance counselor to make sure I was on track academically.  

She was there when no one else was!  

I will always love and appreciate her for that!!

Anonymous Teen

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