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Travena has been deemed as RELATABLE while having the ability to DELIBERATELY assist women, and girls toward NAVIGATING their individual lives as she CONNECTS with each person she meets.  She  loves teaching, speaking, writing, and leading females toward a more relevant and meaningful life with God!!

She has spoken at Ladies Events/Seminars  & Symposiums throughout the United States .  Travena has also been Key note Speaker at girls events nationally, speaking to crowds of 25 to 1800.  

She loves speaking and teaching women & girls how to have a more relevant life through God's helpful and transforming words.  

|  Travena's  Story  |

   |   Travena's Bio   |

   |   Just Travena   |

 |  Travena's Story  |

Hello, and thanks for stopping by!  

My name is Travena and I'm here to help you; as well as a bunch of girls and women in navigating through life, so each of you can live your best life!  But before I do, let's get to know each other first - sound good?  

Here is my story:  I don't come from a broken home.  I didn't grow up poor or hungry.  I did not grow up as an at-risk-youth, I had very supportive & encouraging parents, sounds just perfect... right?  

My story is far from perfect!

As I was transitioning through the confusing years of adolescence, I lost my Mom during middle school to colon cancer.  My Dad became a single parent with three kids.  I  watched him brave the storms and uncertainty of taking on a single parent role. 

 I just remember him doing what needed to be done, never complaining; although I knew many days he had to be overwhelmed.  

I was forced to grow up pretty quickly and life became more serious for me.  

 As I was completing my junior year of High School, my brother was diagnosed with Leukemia.  He was away in Missouri, due to his enlistment in the United States Military, which made it very difficult for us to spend time together (we were extremely close).  

During the summer of preparing to enter my first year of college, my brother lost his battle with Leukemia!  I was totally devastated, besides we had just buried my Mom four years earlier!

So, there I was, the girl who seemed to have her life mapped out, losing two people that were of incredible value to me.  

As I slowly came to grips with the realization of my new life, I learned to relish in the blessings God had bestowed upon me.  The greatest of all was the beautiful, wise, and loving mother, God had so lovingly given to me and my siblings.   

I was blessed with a supportive and unselfish "big" brother who was my protector and encouragement. 

Yes, I still miss them both everyday!   At times the pain of not hearing her voice and my memories of seeing her in the kitchen; as we'd spend our most treasured Saturday's together makes me miss her even more.

My brother was a funny silly guy.  We were always playing around. I am most thankful for  the "tape recorder" (back then), because as I was memorizing  Macbeth he recorded our voices, as we in unison mimicked the words of  Shakespeare.  I thank God for that tape, its been a while since I listened to it,  but I still have it.  God is good and merciful in those ways, because He knew I would have that memory of him.  

During the concluding days of my Mother's illness, she prepared her three children for her passing.  I can remember her sitting us three down in the living room, holding back tears, saying in a calm still voice, "Mama, doesn't seem to be getting better!  I will probably die from this cancer."  My siblings and I clinched the hands of one another, as tears steadily rolled from our faces.  

We were trying to be strong, but inside, our hearts were breaking into millions of little pieces.  We each gathered lovingly around our Mom, as her little frail body sunk deep into the sofa.  She continued, "Mama knows you will each be sad, but know how much I love each of you, and when you think of me, remember how much joy you have brought to me.  You be strong and try your best to hold it together at my funeral.  Don't you cry, because if you do, everyone else will.  If they see you holding it together; even though they will be sad as well, they will hold it together too."  

My sister, grabbed Mama's hand and said, "I can't, we can't go on without you!"  My Mom, quickly in her usual stern tone (when she wanted you to really listen) preceded to say, "You have to, you can, and you will!!  Life will continue on, after I'm gone and I don't want you to miss any of it.  You must do that for me, you all promise?"  

In unison, we replied with the strongest of certainty "Yes mam, we will...we promise! "  

 My brother was truly one of my greatest blessings.  I missed going on dates with him, laughing, and spending time together.  He was the brave soul who dared to teach me how to drive.  He had much patience! 

I learned through tremendous pain & grief to accept their deaths, with the help of former teachers, my favorite aunts, and counseling.  


I thank God for His continued strength and sweet memories.  If not for my heavenly Father, I would not have made it through such difficult times.   He sent me some beautifully strong, and loving great aunts to make sure I stayed the course!

I had a beautifully wonderful Mom, who adored me; as well as encouraged me to continue living in spite of the hand I had been dealt.  She is one of the reasons I began this journey of assisting and empowering females to dig deeper, when they feel life has paralyzed them.

  Even if you think your life is going pretty good, I promise there will come a time when you may feel yourself slipping.  I've had moments of feeling insecure, uncertain, and unworthy, but I promise, you won't always feel that way, the sun will eventually shine and the clouds will dissipate.  

 I do hope you know, that you are NOT alone and your life CAN truly be what God has planned for you.  

I anticipate your taking the time to visit with me again, read my blog, and check out our "Tennessee Girls Symposium" and my Bounce Back University Coaching Girls for more details and upcoming events!   

I truly want you to be  encouraged, edified, and uplifted to keep moving forward; in spite of whatever may be standing in your way.  

Below are some of my wonderful Aunts who stepped in, got their hands dirty, and made sure I kept moving forward.  

I thank God for each of them!!

|  Travena's Bio |

Travena was born in a quiet, peaceful little town outside of Nashville, TN.  She grew up with her cousins and aunts next door.  Her grandparents lived just down the road, because Her "extra special"

 grandfather, gave each of his three children land to build a house on.  

Travena loved to take in the country air via riding her bike, playing with her cousins, throwing rocks into her grandmother's pond, and walking not to far to visit her grandfather.  

Reading & books became her passion.  Her Aunt Mai, would tell of her always carrying paper and pen when she'd come to her house to visit. 

She remembers having a bottom dresser drawer full of skits and plays she'd written. Even now her favorite accessory is paper and pen!

As a child she recalls finding her mother on her knees, many times praying.  Her love for God and the Bible would influence Travena's desire to know HIM.

As she trudged off to attend a private christian college, she would later find herself failing religion class.  In much frustration having attended church all of her life, she began a journey to engulf herself in the teachings of the Bible.  

Her older sister had started to attend another congregation with her boyfriend.  

After many invites from her older sister, Travena was intrigued but, not enough to visit.  

She began visiting many other different congregations, only to find the itch she had still remained.

Travena decided to take her sister up, on her first offer to attend worship service with her.  

Her nephew had just been born and her feelings of displacement & uncertainty became more significant.  As time progressed, she took her sister up on her second offer to have Open Bible Study Class. 

She was excited and a little nervous from the start, but quickly felt at ease with her two Teachers,  Janice Marcus (whom she had known from a little girl) and Bertha Patterson (who quickly became a dear friend).

As she progressed in her classes. she couldn't wait for the next.  Her eyes could finally see, her ears could now hear, and her steps were being pointed in the right direction.  

Needless to say, that itch she had, was finally being scratched.  

On April 25, 1990 she was baptized into the body of Christ by Derrick Marcus!  She has only looked back to grow from her mistakes, and continues to look forward, so one day to receive her desired goal of Heaven.  

   During her journey toward worshipping God, she has suffered bruises, attacks, and scars from the enemy.  She is a full fledged 32 year veteran in being a christian and knows firsthand how Satan seeks to devour our minds.

She is determined NOT to allow her scars or bruises to derail her destination, but uses them to learn and grow closer to her spiritual Father!

 As she was baptized and began developing in her conviction with God, her battles have led her toward continual 

relentless & humble transformation.  

She truly loves the Lord, His people, and the souls of many. 

 Her passion is genuine for helping and empathizing with the people of God, especially her love for teaching the lost, shows as she can be found striking a conversation with many. 

 You can find her arms wrapped around a hurting sister, praying on her behalf, & pinpoint her footsteps in the homes of the weary.  

She is willing to spend time & effort in assisting the spiritual growth of women & girls.  

Travena is the Symposium Originator and chair of the Tennessee Girls Symposium Series.  

A program that seeks to strengthen personal relationships between God & girls; while promoting spiritual growth, fellowship, accountability, and interchange.  

She worships faithfully with the Mt. Juliet Church of Christ in Mt. Juliet, TN, where she serves as Ladies Bible Class Teacher and Greeter. 

Travena recently was asked to teach during the "Ladies Summer Bible Class Series." 

Her topic was, "Endurance:  Fight For Your Life"  

She was also featured in the From our readers, July 2017 Issue of Christian Chronicle Magazine.  Travena has written, produced, & directed plays for Youth Seminars and Girls Events.  She has developed girls Bible curriculum for classes, retreats, & sleep-overs, with her dear friend Elaine Reynolds.  She is a seven year former Ladies Retreat Coordinator, and was the creator of a Ladies Support Group, which allowed women to discuss life challenges and seek Biblical resolve.  

She attended Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, KY.  

Travena is a Christian first; wife second; and mom third, but place a Bible in her hand with a message on her heart and you will see why she has been called "relatable, sincere, deliberate, humble & an amazing teacher!"

She has been blessed to speak and teach women & girls throughout the United States.  

Amidst all of her many loves and goals, her greatest reward and joy comes from serving her husband, Will of 23 years & their Teen-age son.  

Travena is the first black author to be published by 21st Century Christian, located in Nashville, TN.  

Her first book, 

"Traveling Toward Transformation"

continues to encourage and challenge the lives of its readers.  

Christian Woman Magazine, featured her book in review as a book to read.  

Travena says, "It is truly the largest blessing to share a common faith with your husband and witness him teaching our son the gospel, and see him obey the gospel; thus become a baptized believer on May 15, 2016!!

If I can offer any encouragement to any christian or unbeliever, it would be to: 

get in the RACE, stay in the RACE, and FINISH! 

Don't let anyone or anything hinder or deter you from FINISHING and receiving the reward of HEAVEN!!"

|  Just Travena  |

My Blessing

I am reminded of Ecclesiastes 4:9 " Two are better than one..."

Will and I have been married for 23 years. 

Our days and years together have went by so fast.  You will often hear me saying, "I could not do all that I do without his love, support, and sacrifice."  God truly answered my prayers in giving me a faithful christian husband to fight satan with. 

We are the Rogan Team and everyday is a gift from God. I cherish each moment with His most beautiful gift.  


Family is a blessing from my Father!  I will never stop thanking Him for the gift of being wife and Mom!! 

To be married and create a marriage that reflects Him,  will continue to be my greatest joy, challenge, and fun!

We enjoy spending time together doing just about anything, but worshipping together, going to the movies, building lego's, evening walks and tea talks are our favorites.  

I enjoy preparing nutritious meals for my family & seeing their  appreciation.

"Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it." 

Psalm 127:1

Our prayers are to glorify God in our marriage so the world can see HIM more clearly.  I thank HIM for using us three for His purpose & glory!

Our son

God blessed me with a son, just as I had asked!  As Will and I became engaged, family would tease us about eventually becoming parents.  I would say, "All I want from God is a healthy baby boy, that looks just like his daddy!"  

I got it!

"...and the fruit of the womb is his reward." Psalm 127:3.

 I think of Hannah as she prayed for a son and God answered.  

He has been the most precious & special blessing for both of us.  Never a dull moment, 

nor hill we didn't climb together. 

He makes us better christians, & parents everyday.

 I thank our Father for the challenges of parenting & look to Him daily for guidance, in giving our son back to Him some day.   

We are most thankful for all of his hard work and accomplishments, but studying with his Dad and deciding to become a christian is what we both have prayed for.   We are joyfully experiencing, all that God is transforming in him to be for His service.  

We pray to be what God would have us to be, so His purpose can be fulfilled through our son. 

"WE have ALL that we NEED, because the BIBLE is our road MAP from earth to Heaven!"

- Traveling Toward Transformation

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